6 miillion people


Last week I attended a two-day congress organized jointly by

the Bible Seminary of Colombia and Fuller Seminary

entitled “Migration, exile, displacement and violence”.


It was very interesting, if draining, and it was great to hear

these themes being aired in an academic context.


But it got me thinking about the very first displaced people I met, back in 2008 on a trip to the Coast.


I remember their hospitality, their warmth, their desperation;

the woman who listed all the animals she had lost when she lost their land,

and then cried for the baby she had miscarried because she had been forced to flee,

the boy who pestered me every day to teach him English.


The figure of 6 million victims of forced displacement was bandied about a lot at the congress

but of course, it is impossible to love 6 million people or listen to 6 million stories.

You have to do that one person and one story at a time.

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