Back to work

You might have worked out that I have been on holiday:

I’ve just had a wonderful time in Ecuador

and I’ll tell you more about it this week.

If you wonder how I kept churning out blog posts and tweets while I was away,

it’s thanks to a service called Twuffer which allows you to write tweets ahead of time and schedule their publication whenever you want.

Meanwhile, I’m back to the office for a day or two

before we set off this weekend to another area of the Coast

to run another camp with children’s club leaders.

Since the last two camps, we have had a little feedback

on the series on the prevention of child sexual abuse.

We suggested that before the children started learning

the steps they could take to protect themselves from abuse,

a meeting should be held to present the project to the church and to the children’s parents.

We were encouraged to hear that in one place, 50 parents attended the meeting.

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