A good New Year

Linn Park, 1.1.18

As I watched the spectacular New Year celebrations around the world, I wondered why it is we celebrate New Year which such joy. I came to the conclusion that it must have something to do with hope. Hope that somehow, by saying goodbye to 2017 (good riddance!) and greeting 2018 so enthusiastically, we can turn the page on some of the horrors of last year and give ourselves a chance at a fresh start.

I am glad that as a human race we have not given up on the possibility of change.

I went for a walk in Glasgow’s wonderful Linn Park with my parents this afternoon and we exchanged some “happy new years” with the people we met. “I prefer to say, “a good new year”,” my dad said, “since we don’t know if the people are happy”.

So, a good new year to all my readers.

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