Great questions

It’s always very interesting to hear people’s questions in response to the talks I do in churches.

Sometimes I incorporate the answers into later versions of my talk. One example is “How do churches manage to get children to come along to the Vive Kids Children’s Clubs?” I say that in most cases there are scores, if not hundreds of children in the local community and most seem thrilled to come along to an event being run especially for them. The little joke I make is that you just need to shake a tree and 10 children will fall out of it. (Of course we don’t really do this!).

But last week I was asked two excellent questions by the same person that left me thinking. There questions were:

1.What has been the impact of the conflict on the church in Colombia?

2.What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Colombian church?

I thought these were very useful questions for any context.

For example we could ask: What has been the impact of the recession (or the refugee crisis) on the Scottish church? What are the strengths and weakness of your local church? Or your denomination?

I don’t feel I had very coherent answers to the questions but the questions themselves were great!

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One thought on “Great questions

  1. Dear Fiona,
    The question is certainly being asked by the Colombian church thinking leadership and youth. It is sad that we church leaders often don’t know our own contexts of ministry and our messages don’t relate to matters at the core of national crises and conflicts. The Church doesn’t always distinguish its cultural and temporal nature from those of that of the Kingdom of God. We get entangled in our business, petty kingdoms and shortsightedness. People are hurting. The church is hurting. Our message of reconciliation is weakened. Let us pray for leaders to be gifted with the right insight and courage to speak up on matters that concern our nations and the peoples where God has placed us with the message of reconciliation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Carluci Dos Santos