Journey home

It’s getting harder and harder to get home any time after about 5pm.

Yesterday, the taxi driver asked me where I was going and reluctantly let me get in and only then realized that he had mixed my hill with another less congested one but by that time I was in the taxi and i wasn’t going anywhere.

“Look at that,” he grumbled, as we passed the gridlocked traffic on the way down the hill.

“How about you let me off at the filling station and you can keep going up rather than getting stuck coming down?” I (most magnanimously) offered. “I don’t live very far up the hill, it’s quite easy for me to walk.”

“OK, then,” he agreed.

But then I realized he was turning up my hill.

“So you are taking me home,” I said.

“Oh, the princess has to get home,” he said.

Tonight, the metro was closed when I go to my station, there were no taxis when I got off the metro (once it opened), the bus got stuck at the bottom of my hill because of an accident and when I got home, the power was out.

It’s December in Medellín.

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