The internal phone that connects us to the guards at the front gate rang yesterday.

“We’ve got a package for you. I was just checking you were in. I’ll get my colleague to come round with it,” the guard said.

“It’ll be for my flatmate,” I thought. It always is. I never get mail.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. It was a new guard, and he checked the house number before handing the parcel over.

And it was FOR ME!

“This is my first mail for 5 years,” I gushed.

The guard was a bit taken aback but manage to rally and ask why that should be, and why hadn’t I complained…but to whom, I said?

I used to get mail quite reguarly but then it just dried up and I know that several people had tried to send parcels in that time. I started telling people not to bother.

And then yesterday, a Christmas card and pack of pretty notecards, sent in Scotland on 25th November arrived and made my day.

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