Tap water

“You haven’t read El Olvido  Seremos?!” a friend asks, and my excuse, that I read to relax and so usually read in English because I read Spanish much more slowly, was feeble and I knew it. So before Christmas I bought the book to read on my Kindle and am appreciating the quality of the writing and the story it tells.

El Olvido que Seremos (translated as Oblivion: A Memoir) is a love letter from Medellín writer Héctor Abad Faciolince to his father, Héctor Abad Gómez, a doctor, public health campaigner and writer, who was murdered by paramilitaries in 1987.

As a medical student in the 1940s, Abad campaigned for clean water in Medellín, and as a result of his campaign, work began on a new aqueduct for the city, the first seed, as his son puts it, of something we still enjoy today: tap water that is safe to drink, something that is not yet available in other Colombian cities.

So thank you, Katie Stafford, for the tip!

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