Group C


Colombia have been drawn against

Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan

in next year’s World Cup.


Currently, Colombia are 4th in FIFA’s world ranking,

Greece are 12th, Ivory Coast are 17th and Japan are 48th.


So on paper at least, this is a group Colombia should be able to get out of.

Out of which Colombia should be able to get.

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What I thought as I looked down at the rabbit hutch


I know people whose houses aren’t as well constructed as this!


Not that I have anything against rabbits having nice, sturdy hutches,

but it seems to me that humanity has got its priorities a bit wonky,

when first world rabbits live better than developing world people.

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What I’ve learned about the Kingdom of God from hanging out with children


In Mark 10:14 Jesus famously said: Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

but the second part of the sentence is perhaps not so well known:

for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.


Having just spent a pleasant few days in the company of children,

I make the following observations:

1) Until we teach them differently, children don’t mind failing;

when they fall they pick themselves up. They don’t reason: I’ll walk better

when I’m older so I’ll just sit here and wait until then.


2) Children receive with open arms. They don’t tie themselves

in knots wondering if they deserve it or what they need to do in return.


3) Children express their needs to their parents without embarrassment.

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Why it would be wonderful if Colombia won the World Cup


In the strange parallel world of Colombia’s peace process,

comes a new development: a football match for peace,

proposed by Colombian football legend, Carlos Valderrama,

is to take place in Cuba.


The FARC accepted the challenge, admitting that they are

“fanatical about football” and suggesting a return match in Colombia

and a women’s contest to boot (if you’ll pardon the pun).


So if you’re neutral, why not support Colombia in Brazil?

During every match, the country (and with it the conflict)

will come to a standstill, and if they were to win,

attaining peace would seem the smaller miracle.

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A German Joke


Here’s a joke that only works in German.


Question: What’s little in a giraffe and big in a frog?

Answer: The letter f.


That’s because nouns in German have capitals,

so a giraffe in German is Giraffe and frog is Frosch.



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Good news from a far off land


Good news and very moving images from Colombia

as an engineer, Leon Andrés Montes, who had been held hostage by the ELN

was released after 16 months in captivity.


The reunions of former hostages with family members is always lovely,

and this one was no exception:

the engineer ran into his parents arms

and hugged and hugged and hugged them.


I loved the way the people around him reacted:

standing back, they waited, watching the scene without embarrassment,

and without any haste to make the next thing happen,

giving the family all the time time they needed to express what they were feeling.


It was very moving, and very Colombian.

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