The bus painter got a little confused


If you live outside the UK

have you noticed how incredibly fashionable

the union flag has become? It’s on everything:

clothes, bags and even on all over a bus I took recently.


But I think the painter of the bus

got a little confused about the origin of the flag.

Alongside the red, white and blue of the British flag

were painted such icons of the United States

as a Native American chief and the Statue of Liberty!

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What’s the Bible about?

We are working away on next year’s curriculum in which we are going to teach the Bible as one story in six episodes: Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, the Church and the New Creation.

We produce 6 series a years, 8 lessons in a series (7 + a celebration which is a review).

So which 42 stories would you include? And why?

Answers on a postcard please.

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How vivid is this metaphor?

Almost every day I am charmed by the vividness

of the Spanish language.

Recently, a friend was talking about friendship –

in English we might say They are as thick as thieves

and she said in Spanish:

They are fingernail and dirt.

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This week in church they told us that the plot of land

on which the property stands was bought in 1913 for 13 pesos.

It was a significant plot in a very central location.

Today a bus ticket costs 1800 pesos.

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Watching Father Brown in Colombia


I spend a pleasant hour every Tuesday watching Father Brown,

a British series based on GK Chesterton’s stories.


I loved one of Father Brown’s lines in a recent episode,

which I think works for missionaries too.


Father Brown is setting off with Flambeau,

a potentially dangerous criminal, and his friend says

I don’t want you going with him on your own.

But, says Father Brown, I am never alone.

It’s a perk of the job.

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Random things a taxi driver said to me yesterday.


English? he asked.

No, Scottish, I replied.

I saw a film once about William Wallace, he continued.

He had armies and built up a great empire in Europe.

I’ve driven taxis in lots of different cities.

I get the passengers to tell me the routes

and that’s how I get to know the place.

How many people do you think there are in Medellín?

7 million. There’s only 4 million in Panama.

Is England in Chicago?

Well, it’s been a pleasure to have you in my taxi.

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