Two schoolboys.

One says to the other, “And they put peas in leek and potato soup.”

Obviously not the done thing in the leafy suburbs of Stamperland.

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Tour Dates

Next week I start my travels to give talks about what I’m doing in Colombia.

I start off up north and then will have several meetings in the Central Belt in February and March. In April, I’ll be speaking at an event in Glasgow on 2nd and in Northern Ireland on the 9th (details to follow).

I’ve added a page here called Scotland 2016 (see above) and will be adding the dates as I go along.

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Out and about

I’ve been on a variety of means of transport since I’ve been back in the UK and so I’ve had lots of time to eavesdrop:

Man on the phone: I’ve eaten salmon twice today but I’ll happily eat it tomorrow.

Man on the phone to the mother of his son: You need to go over his six, seven, eight and nine times tables.

Inaudible voice must say something like: Where will I find them?

Man: From your head preferably…

Female student to travelling companion (male): It’s that she won’t because she can’t because of her religion.

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Hello world!

I’ve been back in the UK for a few weeks now.

Until the very cold snap, I had hardly seen the sun. I noticed that every patch of duck-egg-blue sky was an event.

And a crisp, cold, bright day is life-giving.

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