Things I love about Germany

I was visiting friends in Germany a wee while ago and I was reminded of some of the things I love about the place.

1. Blinds

Almost every house I have ever stayed in has these amazing blinds that completely black out the windows so you get an amazing night’s sleep.

2. Drogerie-Markt

This is an amazing chemist’s (Boots would be the nearest thing in the UK) with wonderful products I never see anywhere else. And I have just discovered it has an online store!

3. The leaflet on the inter-city trains

This leaflet not only tells you what time your train is due to arrive at all the stations on its route but all the possible connections once you get off AND the platform you need to go to.

4. The fact that the conductor on the trains says Austeig in Fahrtrichtung rechts (or links)

This means you know which direction (right or left) you are going to get off the train BEFORE you get there.

5. Cake

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