The US Election – My tuppence ha’penny worth

Like you all I have been processing Tuesday’s event in the US in dffierent ways.

I don’t have much to add to the screenfulls of angst that have been generated since then.

But yesterday I saw some photos of Donald Trump meeting President Obama and it struck me that he didn’t look very happy. In fact, he looked completely miserable, and it made me wonder if he was starting to realise that he wasn’t going to enjoy being the President as much as he had imagined.

All that having to be presidential, faking respect when he feels none, sitting in meetings being briefed about things he cares less about, not being able to say “You’re fired” to visiting statespeople who annoy him…what a drag it is all going to be.

So the moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for.

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The Coast enchants again

I was on the Coast last week, literally, for a change (I got a wee dip in the Caribbean) and it was great fun, as usual.

It’s always just so unexpected.

In the ladies’ toilets at the airport in Montería, there was a workman perched on the toilet seat, working on the cistern and singing unselfconsciously along to his radio.

On the bus on the way to the town where our event was being held, there was a drunk man, and no seat for him so he held on to the bar, but occasionally one hand flopped down and patted me on the head. “Hold on with both hands,” someone told him. Finally, a young country lad (complete with machete strapped to his thigh) let him have his seat where he promptly fell asleep.

And on the plane home, I listened in to a grandfather and grandson finding shapes in the clouds:

“It’s an elephant! No, a crocoelephant! No, a crocophelantceros! A car! No, a cake!”

In between we had a successful camp for 30 Children’s Club leaders. The highlight of that was when two of them, older women who are neighbours, received a phone call to tell them that they were going to get materials to build a house. They actually jumped for joy!

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State Visit

If you are in the UK, I hope you are following Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos’ state visit with interest.

Nice to see the Mall bedecked with the Colombian flag.

Here’s an interesting article about UK/Colombian connections over the years, much of which was new to me.

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Saturday morning on the Coast


A sleepy cat.

A stack of plastic chairs. (In the evening, the family will sit on their porch and greet the people going by with a cry of “Adios”.)

The shoes left outside while the lady of the house sweeps the floor.

And on television, El Chavo del 8, a Mexican sitcom from the 70s, which is on every Saturday.

An ordinary Saturday on the Colombian Coast.

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