Never a dull moment

So a couple of weeks ago at work, the word came, “There’s an iguana downstairs”.

We rushed down to see it and there is was, a dragonish monster that had  trapped a member of staff in a passageway.

My colleague, Maria, who is from an area of Colombia where iguanas are more common, took a broom, encouraged it along the corridor and off it skeddadled in a great, anxious patter of its webbed feet.

Instead of going out the wide-open doorway, it managed to get behind the wrought-iron gates, but undeterred, it wriggled through an impossibly small space, and went on its way, presumably not rejoicing.

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I was doing some research on the Colombian conflict for a funding application and I found this site, the register of victims of the conflict, with 8,347,566 victims registered to date. You can search for figures for the different Colombian departments and municipalities, by type of incident and by date.

This is the kind of mind-blowing paradox that Colombia throws up constantly.

How is it possible that a state capable of registering victims with such precision wasn’t capable of preventing these people becoming victims in the first place?

Couldn’t it?

Or wouldn’t it?

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