I love this!

They wanted to bury us but they didn’t know that we were seeds of life.

More street art, this time in Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia.

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Threat or simple truth?

20150429_120953 The graffiti reads “If there isn’t bread for the poor, there will never be peace for the rich.” It’s sounds as if it is threatening revolutionary violence but in a profound way I think this is true. Or maybe it’s better to say “Until there is bread for the poor, there shouldn’t be peace for the rich,” and of course, I include myself in the latter group.

If you look closely at the bottom left of the photo you can see someone rummaging in the rubbish, possibly for food or for things he can recycle.

Ironically I was about to go and stuff my face at my birthday lunch with my colleagues in Vive Kids  (you can see the sign for the car park of the restaurant we were going to, centre-left).

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