Unexpected, on the way to work

As I queued to get on the train this morning I noticed that the man in front of me had a question in English printed on the back of his shirt.

It said:

Does it matter how you were baptised?

How very unexpected!

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Something I’ve never seen in Colombia before

Believe it or not, I’d never seen a guide dog for the blind in Colombia until this week when a young man got on the metro led by his black labrador.

Everybody stared, enchanted, and some people had big grins on their faces. The dog settled down right in front of me and at one point, sniffed my hand, but I very correctly didn’t pat him because I knew he was working.

As the blind man got off, someone behind him gestured to the young policeman on the platform to come and help him (a nice act of solidarity, I thought) but man and dog chose their direction and  walked confidently away.

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Overheard on the metro

A young woman is talking on her mobile phone.

She is talking in a quiet, almost monotonous voice.

This is what she is saying:

They took the motorbike, some papers…

they got in through the balcony, they were using the place

to sell drugs, and I don’t like that.

They are actually my neighbours.

They took the television and the sound system,

and all my university papers, and I went to the police to report it,

and then they threatened me so I had to leave.

If you’d like I can come to you and we can talk about it face to face.

And then it was my stop and that was the end of the story for me.

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