Visa Time Again

Long-time readers may remember that I had a problem the last time I applied for my visa.

Two years have now gone by and it’s that time again, when I am reminded that I am a guest here and my continued residence in the country depends, (only humanly speaking, of course) on a bureaucrat who knows nothing about me except what can be reduced to a few pieces of paper.

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The Consulate Experience

The people at the Colombian Consulate are kind, competent and courteous.

But they are also clear: the kind of visa I am applying for will take a little longer to process: Instead of a one-to-five-working-day wait, it could take up to two weeks.

Not a major hold-up, just a minor re-adjustment.

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They’re here!

The first step in the visa application process is to download the form from the consulate website.

The next is to settle down to wait for the supporting documents to be sent from Colombia. But now they’ve arrived.

In the process I have learned a new Spanish word. It’s idoneidad, and it means fitness or suitability, as in “my suitability to carry out the tasks I’ll have in Colombia”.

The folk in Colombia are happy that I have idoneidad; hopefully the consul will agree.

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