Rainbow Weather is about a year in the life of three women whose lives interconnect in strange and unexpected ways. As you might expect if you know me, one of the women lives in South Africa, one in Scotland and, of course, one in Colombia. There’s even a character loosely based on me.

You can buy Rainbow Weather for your e-reader in various formats from the following online retailers:


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11 thoughts on “Rainbow Weather

  1. Writing a novel is not for the faint-hearted, very well done Fiona. I’ve downloaded it onto my iPhone and looking forward to reading it in the days ahead. Cx

  2. Hi Fiona, sounds fab. I’m still behind the times so don’t have iPad or kindle or the like. Don’t suppose you can buy printed copies anyhow? Totally understand if not but thought I’d check. Love getting your blogs anyhow.

    • Hi Karen, I don’t have printed copies (yet?) but if you go to the smashwords site there is an option to download it as a pdf which would allow you to read it on your pc (not the best reading experience I know). Hope that helps. Thanks for being in touch! God bless.

  3. Finished reading the book this week Fiona, and loved it, despite some tears in the last few chapters! I think you’ve left the door open for a sequel….

    • Thank you, Christine! I so appreciate this feedback! A sequel…now you’ve got me thinking!

  4. Bridget Bennett

    Hi Fiona,
    Just bought your book! Didn’t know you’d written one, but now I do, so now I have!
    Lots of love and loads of blessings x x x x

  5. is this fiona from tain? if so, hello fiona, its angeline!!!! xxxx