The Vive Foundation

This is my personal blog and I only occasionally write about my work here in Colombia with Vive Kids (now known as the Vive Foundation).

But now, I’ve decided to use my blog l to tell you something about what is going on here.

The truth is, we need money. Or to be more precise, I need money, because each year I commit to raising a certain amount for the Foundation, and this year, rather than appearing miraculously from unexpected quarters as it has in previous years, the sum I committed to finding has been slow to show up.

And now, it has never been easier to donate to us! Simply click here and you’ll land on a page hosted by Latin Link, a charity registered in the UK, which takes you through a few simple steps to make a donation by credit card. If you would really, really like to make a donation but don’t have a credit card, let me know who you are in the comments section below  (which won’t be published) and we will work out a way.

About 1500 people have read my blog over the past year. If each of them were to donate just £2 (that’s the equivalent of $2.60 (US), €2.20 and $7,600 (Colombian Pesos), I would have enough to fulfill my commitment for this year. If each of them were to donate £20 ($26, €22 and $76000), we would have about half of next year’s budget (WHICH WOULD BE AMAZING)!

It may be that you don’t know much about what we do here at the Vive Foundation and the Funky Frog Children’s Clubs so I am going to spend the month of September telling you our story. Stick around and see if this might be something you’d like to support.

If this is not your thing at all, come back in October when I’ll have some thoughts on the state of men’s tennis.

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